Useful Advices

Room diffuser

Ideal size

The best way to choose the right size of the bottle is to start with the extention of the space you want to scent:

  • 250ml > 8-10 sqm*
  • 500ml > 20-25 sqm*
  • 1250ml < 50 sqm*

The use of the sizes 1250 ml, 2500 ml and 5000 ml, surely suitable for ambiances usually larger than 15 sqm*, besides granting an effective perfume, represent a real home decor element.

Recommendations for use:

The first time put all the sticks into the bottle for a duration of time going from 30 to 60 minutes and then turn them. After we suggest to turn the sticks once or twice a day depending on the desired intensity of the fragrance.

Verify the duration

The duration of a fragrance depends on the size of the area in which it is located, its temperature, out of direct sunlight and drafts that can accelerate the evaporation. However, there are a few tricks to make the fragrance last longer:

  • When purchasing the diffuser, always match a refill of the same fragrance to use in small quantities, but more frequently. In this way you will be able to keep the level of the fragrance always on top of the curve, avoiding that the quantity of oxygen inside the bottle affects on the evaporation
  • Keep the fragrance out of heat sources
  • Combine to the area you wish to scent the right size of the bottle


Each fragrance is presented in bottles of Refills, it is convenient for customers who once already bought the fragrance in a vase, and when it has vanished, without paying for the “glass”, can buy a half-liter og bigger volume of fragrance in a plastic bottle. The refill is always sold with a new set of sticks; and the refills of the Home Fragrances always have the same composition and concentration of natural essences of the original bottles.

The duration of a fragrance depends on the characteristics of the environment where the fragrance is located (space, ceilings height, openings, curtains, etc…), on the heating, on the direct sunlight and on the currents of air, that can accelerate the evaporation. To always have a perfect product, we suggest to buy also the refill of the same fragrance and to add the perfume constantly to always leave the level above the curvature of the bottle.


Spray is a suitable format if you need to quickly, temporarily, locally aromatize the air. To aromatize the air, spray the product away from yourself towards the center of the room.

Linen fragrances

Delicate fragrances designed for a sweet fresh and clean sensation. Alcohol-free to prevent stains.

Spray Fragrance – Spray the fragrance at a minimum distance of 20 cm from tissues to refresh linens, sheets, curtains, pillows, etc… Exclusive Dr. Vranjes Firenze Fragrances with 2,5% of essences in micro emulsion. Perfect to perfume cloths after ironing.

Biscuit Profumati (Scented Bisquits) – Precious scented ceramic objects and essential oils to keep in your wardrobe. The possible coloring, due to the presence of the natural essential oils, could be accentuated with the exposure to light. The vial included in every single package and in the gift box is necessary to reinforce the scent.

Ritagli Profumati (Scented Papers)

Soft and delicate scented “fibers” to keep among linens and clothes in your drawers and closets.


Carparfum fragrances are the first car fragrances made using an innovative formula, without alcohol, safer because it is not flammable and this formula exalts still more the quality of Dr. Vranjes Firenze Fragrances. For proper use, spray the essence on the mats whenever you wish to perfume your car. Do not spray on leather.


Air purification and perfuming system, with antibacterial action. An alternative and sophisticated Dr. Vranjes Firenze solution created by italian artisans in Tuscany. Our Lamparfums are available in a glass-crystal version. Lamparfum refills are highly concentrated with natural essences and are 5 times more concentrated than the competition.

The Lamparfum completes and does not replace the room diffuser with bamboo: the first item has an antibacterial function and acts vigorously cleaning and perfuming the ambiance in less time (20-60 minutes) compared to the second one, which has longer-lasting action and weighted over a period of hours.